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1. Is White Gold really white or yellow gold which has been plated ?

2. Why is my white gold ring changing colour ?
3. What is Rhodium Plating ?

Answer: 1/2/3 ...

White gold is an alloy of yellow gold and other metals. The majority of high street jewellers sell white gold jewellery with a bright white finish, this jewellery has been finished with a technique called Rhodium Plating, and has a colour very similar to platium.
This means whether you buy 9ct, 14ct or 18ct white golds they all look the same colour, even some silver jewellery is Rhodium Plated.
However, underneath the plated finish these metals have very different colours.
On rings, Rhodium Plating can be seen to wear off after 12 months. On other items of jewellery it can last a lot longer, subject to wear and tear.
Most "mass-produced" cast white gold jewellery has a pale yellowish tint to it. There are variations of colour in cast white golds, from "off white" to "pale yellow". These metals will pass the tests for purity, with the relevant hallmarks. However, it is not the hallmark which denotes colour.
At Craftingold we use only good quality white metals. Our 18ct white gold has a high palladium content, insuring a lovely rich grey colour to it. 9ct white gold has a higher silver content and is pale white in colour.
Other precious white metals are Platinum, Palladium and Silver, but these are not normaly plated.
We offer a Rhodium Plating service, and if needed can match colours to existing jewellery, plating all types of metals.


4. What is Palladium ?

Answer 4 ...

  • Palladium is a bright and naturally white pure precious metal.
  • Palladium is less expensive than platinum. Costs are comparable to gold products
  • Palladium can be configured into many shapes and styles.
  • Part of the "Platinum Group of Metals", palladium performs similarly to platinum, it looks and wears like platinum, but is much lighter due to its lower specific gravity
  • Our palladium at Craftingold contains no Nickel and has a Grade 1 white colour.
  • No need to Rhodium Plate.

Interesting Facts :- 
Palladium was discovered by William Hyde Wollaston in 1803.
This element was named by Wollaston in 1804 after the asteroid Pallas, which was discovered two years earlier. When Platinum was declared a strategic government resource during World War II, many Wedding bands were made out of Palladium

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